Photoshop, and a little creativity and skill, to the Rescue!

Most of you have probably heard of Photoshop by now.  It’s a popular piece of software that allows one to manipulate and/or enhance photos. In our industry, we use it on a daily basis; mostly for color correcting photos or creating special effects and looks.  Our latest project required Photoshop, but it also required additional photography and a little bit of magic.

Here’s the portrait our client Beth brought in.

It’s a portrait of Beth and her two sisters.  Only one thing was missing, and that was her older brother.  He was missing from the photo because Beth’s aunt (who paid for the portrait) didn’t want him included.  Sadly, years later, Beth’s brother died.  Beth always looked at the portrait knowing it was incomplete and decided she was going to see if it was even possible to digitally alter it and add him into it.


She came to us with this large portrait and a small photo of her brother.  When she walked in, she said, “Is this even possible? I’ve been other places and they said it was not.”  Well, our talented team was able to give her the answer she was hoping for.  She left with tears in her eyes, knowing she was going to be surprising her mother with a true sibling portrait for her birthday.

Here’s how we made the magic happen. First, we took a photo of two people of similar height and build to Beth’s brother and one of the sisters, posing like the the ones in the photo.




Then we scanned both the portrait and the picture of her brother and went to work.

Since the portrait was larger than our scanner, we had to break it up and scan sections at a time.

Here’s where the magic happened and Patrick’s talented Photoshop skills came into play.  He added the right shading and placed the brother just right.

Next, we changed the tone to sepia to better match the original photo.

Here’s the final portrait.