Email Signatures

Most companies prefer having their employees use a nice signature in their emails. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy getting your new signature to show in your emails. Below are some of the settings for the more popular email clients.


Microsoft Outlook

There are a few different versions of this client. But this guide is from Microsoft and covers most modern versions of Outlook.
Below is a guide for you to follow. Essentially go to our website we have setup for you and hit Ctrl + A to select all. Hit Ctrl + C to copy. Then follow the guide and where it says to type in your new signature just hit put your cursor in the box and hit Ctrl + V to paste.

Mac Mail

Since there are multiple different versions of OS X and now Mac OS this one is hard to tell you in one guide.
Essentially what you should be able to do is go to the website for your email. Hit Command + A to select all. Hit Command + C to copy. Then open Mac Mail. On the top Menu bar go to Mail > Preferences > Signatures. You will see all accounts or you should see your account. Click on your account and hit the little plus under the center column to create a new signature and name it something you can remember. Then select that (if not already selected) and in the right hand pane select and paste your new signature. I’ve had to quit Mail and open it up again for it to show up, but typically you can just compose a new email and it’ll have a little drop box for what signature you want to use. Select your new signature and it should show up there. If not then it won’t be so easy and the following guide can help. It is really very technical and so if you don’t understand it please contact me for support.

iPhone / iPad

Bear in mind this is for iOS 10+ The older versions of iOS make it much more difficult to have a signature. If you aren’t certain what iOS you are on go to Settings > General > About and you will see your version listed there under Version.
1) Go to the website for your signature in Safari or browser of your choice.
2) Select everything by highlighting something that isn’t a link and dragging until you make sure you got it all selected and then tap and hit copy.
3) On your phone go to Settings > Mail > Signature
4) Paste your new signature. When you exit it should be available to all accounts.
If you have multiple accounts you should have an option to select for all accounts or to do them per account and then use this signature for the account you wish.


Android Mail

With there being multiple different versions of Android Mail and most people use Gmail on their Android Phones it is hard to give you a solid guide for everyone. So if you have issues please contact me for support and I’ll do my best to help you get it working.
Essentially go to the website we gave you in the browser of your choice and select everything. Start by holding down on something that isn’t a link then drag the guides over everything until you have it all selected. Tap and copy. Then follow the guide below and where it says enter text for signature paste the new signature there.



This guide might be a bit over simplified. However it does tell you the basic steps how to get where you need to go. Where it says type or dictate your signature just paste the one from the website.