Steven Reed Receives Drone Certification

We’re pleased to announce that videographer/ photographer Steven Reed is now a certified/licensed drone pilot. The designation allows Northwest Media to offer clients a wide range of aerial video and photography services.

“We are so proud of Steven for all of the hard work he put into this process,” said Michelle Witthaus, Vice President of Northwest Media. “It takes hours of study to prepare for the exam. This showcases his talent in a completely new way.”

The Federal Aviation Administration requires specific licensing to operate drones for commercial purposes. To achieve this, Reed passed an exam, which covered extensive FAA regulations regarding drone usage, and completed a flight review. He is now one of just a few licensed drone pilots in the region.

“Safety is so important when using drones, so it was a valuable process,” said Reed. “I look forward to exploring the many options available with this technology. It’s all about giving clients the best in terms of visual art to promote their products.”

Drones can be used for a variety of commercial projects, including broadcast commercials, corporate videos, aerial real estate videos, aerial photography and engineering applications, including surveying and visualization.

To find out how drone services can meet your business needs, please contact us at 208.746.8960 or via our contact form.

Visit our YouTube channel for more examples of our video and drone work.