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Steven Reed Receives Drone Certification

We’re pleased to announce that videographer/ photographer Steven Reed is now a certified/licensed drone pilot. The designation allows Northwest Media to offer clients a wide range of aerial video and photography services.

“We are so proud of Steven for all of the hard work he put into this process,” said Michelle Witthaus, Vice President of Northwest Media. “It takes hours of study to prepare for the exam. This showcases his talent in a completely new way.”

The Federal Aviation Administration requires specific licensing to operate drones for commercial purposes. To achieve this, Reed passed an exam, which covered extensive FAA regulations regarding drone usage, and completed a flight review. He is now one of just a few licensed drone pilots in the region.

“Safety is so important when using drones, so it was a valuable process,” said Reed. “I look forward to exploring the many options available with this technology. It’s all about giving clients the best in terms of visual art to promote their products.”

Drones can be used for a variety of commercial projects, including broadcast commercials, corporate videos, aerial real estate videos, aerial photography and engineering applications, including surveying and visualization.

To find out how drone services can meet your business needs, please contact us at 208.746.8960 or via our contact form.

Visit our YouTube channel for more examples of our video and drone work.


Awards Galore

Awards are fun…for us…AND our clients. And, we’re excited to announce a few have come our way recently.

NAIA-SIDA Convention

For the 52nd time in association history, the NAIA Sports Information Directors of America (NAIA-SIDA) met Monday, June 13, 2016 for its annual convention and business meeting in Dallas, Texas. Lewis-Clark State Championship Central website was awarded “Best Special Event Website”. Visit the NAIA Website

The 2016 Rockie Awards : Creative So Good, It’s Criminal

On May 21st, Northwest Media was in good company with the best of the best in Idaho creative at the 2016 Rockie Awards. Our crew had a great time attending the awards ceremony held at the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise.

We’re pleased to announce that we were, once again, the only agency north of Boise to bring home Idaho Advertising Federation awards. Applause, kudos, cheers, to the amazing talent on our team.

The 2016 Twin County United Way video received a Citation Award for creative excellence in the Public Service category, the second year in a row the campaign video has received a Rockie Award.

And, people say “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.” At Northwest Media, we like our shoes! And, evidently our peers did as well, since they presented us with two Silver Awards for our “Creative Madness” self-promotion creative excellence in the categories of Campaign and Broadcast/Digital.

Thanks for letting us toot our own horn…now it’s back to the business of creative madness.


If you’re not using social media, you should be!


Social media is, essentially, a platform for conversation, sharing, and connecting. Think about it. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to start a conversation with a customer? Or even better, a potential customer?

Other than in your store, social media is the only means that allows customers to begin real-time conversations with you. You can’t do it with a billboard, or a television commercial, a radio ad, or a newspaper ad….all effective means of getting the word out…but there’s no back-and-forth element to them.

Social media is the ideal platform to build customer loyalty and help remain top-of-mind in your customer’s minds.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make social media a component of your overall marketing strategy.
  2. Allocate a portion of your budget to social media. You may have over 2,000 “likes” on your Facebook page but it’s possible that only a hundred or so people will even see your post. Strategize what is important to get out to your audience and spend a small amount of money to boost your post.
  3. Communicate your organization’s personality in your social media posts. If you’re a fun, quirky business, make sure that shows through in your posts.
  4. Link to your social media from your website.
  5. Use social media to complement your marketing campaigns. The more times you can reach your customer with a similar message, the more likely it is to stick with them.
  6. Use analytics.

Don’t be afraid to test the social media waters. Remember, if you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on the:

  • Over 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook.
  • Over a billion YouTube users.
  • 400 million Intagramers.
  • 307 million Twitter users.
  • 300 million Google + users.

This is the first in a series of social media blog posts. Check back for more social media tips to help your business connect with the right customers. And, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Northwest Media Selected for Valley Wine Marketing

Cheers to 2016! We’re excited to have been selected to develop branding and promotional materials for the newly formed Lewis Clark Valley Wine Alliance. The organization’s goal is to increase vineyard acreage and quality wine grape growing within the soon-to-be-announced Lewis Clark Valley AVA (American Viticulture Area).

The Lewis Clark Valley AVA and Wine Alliance is a huge step for our region. This will have a positive economic impact for our valley through tourism, property purchase and relocation, and the promotion and sale of local wines.

Northwest Media will be developing a marketing plan and strategy, designing a logo, developing and launching a website, developing a brand/identity and message for a marketing campaign that will span digital, print and social media channels.

Watch our website and connect with us on social media to see this project unfold.


Bringing Home the Silver

We’re pretty darn thrilled to have brought home two Silver Awards from the 2014 Rockie Awards that were held in Boise, Idaho on Saturday, May 9. (Yes, we attended and had a great weekend enjoying Boise’s downtown atmosphere, food and drinks).

The Idaho Advertising Federation’s Rockie Awards honor the best creative work in the state of Idaho over the past year. Rockies are awarded to the best submissions in a specific category.

Silver Awards were presented in the following categories:

  • Colters Creek Shirt DesignDirect Marketing, t-shirt design for Colter’s Creek Winery in Juliaetta, “I Got Refilled at Colter’s Creek”
  • Public Service, 2014 Live United campaign video for Twin County United Way

Northwest Media is the only agency north of the Boise/Twin Falls/Idaho Falls corridor to have won this year. It’s great to have our work be recognized among so many other talented agencies. It’s awesome to be an award-winning advertising agency but it’s even more amazing to be part of such a great team and work with some pretty cool clients.

We’ve been busy producing a lot of #creativemadness for our clients the first half of 2015 and are looking forward to submitting designs, websites and videos for more award winning at the 2015 Rockie Awards!


Spring Clean Your Grammar

The English language is a tough one.  We have many words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.  We have apostrophes, which seem to be a problem for many.  Where do they go? Are they needed in this situation?  Is it affect or effect?  Then/Than? There/Their/They’re? Even words that sound or look correct can be completely wrong . Take complement and compliment.  “Complement” is something that ADDS TO or supplements something else, while “Compliment” is something nice you say about someone or something.  This is just one example of how difficult and complicated our language can be.  When creating an advertisement or business materials, it is extremely important there are no mistakes.  Northwest Media is here to help.  This month’s resolution is “Spring Clean “You’re” House,” with the obvious mistake in the title.  We would love to take that worry away and help create flawless marketing materials, websites and advertisements for your business.

Here are some pretty funny examples found around the United States with some pretty obvious mistakes.














The Price is Right Downtown

Have you heard? Did you know?! Beautiful Downtown Lewiston’s second annual fundraiser event, The Price is Right Downtown has a new identity created by yours truly. We were thrilled when they contacted us to create a brand identity that captures the essence of Downtown Lewiston and the fun, hip, high energy this event is sure to bring.

So off to the drawing board – a retro design and color scheme combining The Price is Right with Beautiful Downtown Lewiston. Our first stop on our adventure was the logo for this event.

The Price is Right Downtown Logo

The Price is Right Downtown Logo Design

Next, in order to attend a lively event you need tickets! Not just any ticket, but one that represents what the evening will bring. Fun, definitely fun. Who doesn’t want to win, play, sip and dine?

The Price is Right Downtown Tickets

The Price is Right Downtown Ticket Design

Marketing is an important part of an event. We utilized consistency in branding to carry the theme throughout their marketing materials – billboard, posters and custom Facebook graphics.

The Price is Right Downtown Billboard

The Price is Right Downtown Billboard design.

The Price is Right Downtown Poster

The Price is Right Downtown Poster design … who is that cute little face hiding in the window?

The Price is Right Downtown Facebook Graphics

The Price is Right Downtown custom Facebook graphics

The event is set for Friday, March 7, 2014 and we have tickets if you feel inclined to join in on the favorite gameshow competitions, chances to win incredible prizes, food, drinks, and lots of fun! Not only is the guaranteed to be a lively event, but all proceeds benefit the revival of Downtown Lewiston, the heart of our community.


Downtown Lewiston’s Main Street circa 1960. Photograph Courtesy Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society.

Perhaps you may have your perspective changed on what the downtown area can do for a community. Wouldn’t it be swell to see it back to where it once was? And, who knows, you may be the next contestant called on down.


Change Your Perspective March 2014 Desktop Calendar

Download your March desktop calendar!

Step back and take a fresh look from a new perspective. Is your marketing working how you want it to? Do you need get a new perspective on your advertising and branding? Our #NWMVision in March will help keep you on track with our free desktop calendar. Just click on the appropriate sized link and save it to your desktop as your friendly reminder to “Change Your Perspective.” And, if you need help with a new perspective, we are here, ready to think outside of the box. Cheers!


Capture the Moment February Desktop Calendar

Download your February desktop calendar!

Continue the #NWMVision this February with our downloadable desktop calendar  – for free! Just click on the appropriate sized link and save it to your desktop as your friendly reminder to “Capture the Moment.” Cheers!



We sure hate to break it to you, but the party is over. The champagne has been drunk, toasts have been made, and your hangover is (hopefully) a hazy memory of the past. Now comes the toughest part of the year: sticking with your new years’ resolutions.

If you are like us, we have been looking forward to making 2014 the best year for Northwest Media that we can. We plan to focus on marketing ourselves while guiding you and your business in making simple, effective and straightforward marketing decisions all year long. Each month we’ll be writing a post focusing on different marketing strategies. And for those of ya’ll who tend to read and forget (who, me?) we have a friendly downloadable desktop calendar to keep you in check all month long.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work this year and see where marketing take you. Whether it’s online, in the news or a traditional media outlet we’ll guide you through it all with #NWMVision. We promise we’ll have you covered all year long.

Resolution No. 1 : Reel in the New Year

Lights. Camera. Action! Kick off the new year with professional and creative high definition video to sell your service, a product or  market your organization. We can tell your story on cable, network television, in the theater and online. Learn how!

Resolution No. 2 : Capture the Moment

Take your business to the next level by turning a moment into a memory. In our book, memories make sales when the time is right. Think creative and unique business portraits, beautifully lit wine bottles, sparkling jewelry that jumps off the page, real food that makes your mouth water…whatever you need, we capture it. Start Capturing!

Resolution No. 3 : Change Your Perspective

When we’re part of your team, your glass is always overflowing. We make marketing recommendations that help you reach your ideal customer and create marketing materials that get noticed.

Resolution No. 4 : Spring Clean You’re House

If your reading this, and you take it for granite, that you pacifically, know wear to put commas and how too spell and see know issues with this sentence, for all intense and purposes, will help you’re copywriting go out the door and impress there socks off.

Resolution No. 5 : Make New Friends

Be an extrovert! Stretch your marketing $$$. Make public relations part of your overall marketing. We write and distribute press releases, create campaigns that go viral, develop feature stories and manage social media connections.

Resolution No. 6 : Build it Well, They Will Come

Make your website presence an extension of your business that can continue to work for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We create professional and customized designs that are highly ranked in search engines, mobile friendly and easy for you to maintain.

Resolution No. 7 : Be More Social

Get out there and get people talking! Your customers can be your best marketing voice through social media and other online venues. We create and maintain social media profiles to build brand loyalty that help you engage your customers.

Resolution No. 8 : Show Your True Colors

Make a splash…of color, that is. The right color palette, plus creative design, equals the perfect recipe for creating an impact with your target market. Our creative can make the difference between a successful and memorable campaign and one that is quickly forgotten, or even worse, ineffective.

Resolution No. 9 : Take a Leap!

Take a leap, you’re in good hands! Since we’re a little obsessed with placing your message in all the right spots, you can feel safe knowing that we’ve negotiated, researched and planned all the right media to perfectly fit you and your budget.

Resolution No. 10 : Conquer Your Fears

Time to change it up! Conquer your fears of new media and technology. Let us take a new, fresh look at your marketing strategy and materials. We’ll show you there’s no need to fear these phrases: “marketing strategy,” “social media,” “search engine optimization,” “viral video,” or “think outside the box.” Our friendly and professional marketing wizards will be there every step of the way, creating magic for you.

Resolution No. 11 : Learn a New Word or Two

Increase your customers’ vocabulary. Give them the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Through well-written, creative copy, we will connect you and your brand to your ideal customer.

Resolution No. 12 : Stay True to You

It’s almost 2015! Have you betrayed your brand this year? Staying true to who you are not only applies in your personal life but also makes you successful in business. From your message, to the look and feel of your marketing materials, to your store front and staff, branding helps your customer relate to you. Let us help you craft a message and create a brand to help you stay true.