Stormwater Education Campaign

branding / video / graphic design / website development / marketing & planning / motion graphics

Social marketing and changing people’s behaviors is always a challenge, especially when the topic is not that glamorous. People used to be naive about environmental issues, or they decided their actions had little impact on their current life or the future of others. The Cold War was imminent and no one expected to live beyond the current generation. Now we know better!


Now we know better! The theme communicates the knowledge and resources we have now provides no excuse for us not to change our habits to make a better life for ourselves and future generations. A retro design approach brings some levity to a boring, yet serious, topic while communicating the fact that we live in an enlightened age and should act accordingly. A logo, billboards, print ads and a brochure were elements in the complete campaign.


The campaign has been used regionally as well as in several states throughout the nation to educate the community about how to keep drinking water, and their rivers and streams clean. Visit the site →