3D Motion Graphics

Northwest Media creates high quality still renderings and animations for the visualization of architectural, engineering, and commercial construction, as well as products, graphics and signage, and special effects for video and television use.

Still renderings can be produced over a background plate (photograph), or completely developed digitally based on aerial or satellite mapping. We utilize the latest in computer modeling and animation technologies, including Alias Maya, Newtek Lightwave, and e-on Vue 5 Infinite (for terrain and vegetation development).

Northwest Media also maintains the latest in output technology, a wide-format Epson 9890 printer that can provide archival, photo quality prints up to 44” wide and any length. Animations can be provided on DVD and/or VHS.

We use motion graphics and animation in television commercials to create an added impact and make your spot stand out. Our animations have appeared in recruitment videos, national conference openings, television spots for Delta.
From animating your logo and other simple visual effects to a complete commercial that’s fully animated, our modeling and animation specialists are capable of creating something truly spectacular.
A visual representation of a building can help sell a bond in a community, raise money for an organization, or sell a client on a concept.

Northwest Media has created architectural visualizations for healthcare facilities, architects, jails and aquatic centers. Our final renderings can be viewed from different angles or animated. We’d love to talk with you about your next architectural project and bring it to life in 3D.

Northwest Media provides 3D animation solutions for walkthroughs, simulations and product animation. Transportation-related projects are a specialty service we provide.

We have people who understand civil engineering and the transportation industry. Visualizations and animations of various transportation options assist transportation departments and engineers in the public input and information stage.

Our visualizations and animations have also assisted in forensic and litigation situations helping prove a roadway is safe or unsafe and proving burden of liability.