The studio space at Northwest Media includes over 1,200 square feet of room for creative goodness. Located in Lewiston’s downtown historic district, our distinctive brick, steel beams, concrete, wood and travertine floors create a feel that can’t be created. And, if it needs creating, we can do it with floors, flats and props. We’ve created living rooms, kitchens, restaurants and more. We’ve also used our office space as a backdrop for video shoots, wedding photography and project-specific photography.

Products and packaging present unique challenges from industry to industry. From wine bottles to leather cleaner, paper towels to bullet cartridges, lighting is as important as having the right equipment. From macro lenses paired with digital SLRs that capture enough megapixels to print a high quality 11×17, full bleed print from one shot, we are prepared to put your product and packaging, truly, in the best light.
For projects, and in our travels, we’ve created a vast collection of regional and international photos. From exotic locations like France, Italy and Mexico to places nearer to home like Colorado, Las Vegas and our own hometown, we create iconic photos that visitors can visualize themselves relaxing on a beach, taking an exhilarating jet boat ride, enjoying an alfresco dinner on an historic street in the Mediterranean or taking an historic trip in a rural American town.
Make food look delicious and drinks irresistible and menu items will sell themselves. Research, and our experience, really does prove that a picture is worth a thousand words, or more. A well-planned, well-lighted and creatively designed shot of food can make a customer salivate and crave an item they’ve never tried.
A business portrait can be boring or unique. Unique sends a message about who you are and what you do. Schedule a consult with us to brainstorm the perfect setting to make your staff, board or individual portrait make a statement, one that’s remembered and effective.