Spring Clean Your Grammar

The English language is a tough one.  We have many words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.  We have apostrophes, which seem to be a problem for many.  Where do they go? Are they needed in this situation?  Is it affect or effect?  Then/Than? There/Their/They’re? Even words that sound or look correct can be completely wrong . Take complement and compliment.  “Complement” is something that ADDS TO or supplements something else, while “Compliment” is something nice you say about someone or something.  This is just one example of how difficult and complicated our language can be.  When creating an advertisement or business materials, it is extremely important there are no mistakes.  Northwest Media is here to help.  This month’s resolution is “Spring Clean “You’re” House,” with the obvious mistake in the title.  We would love to take that worry away and help create flawless marketing materials, websites and advertisements for your business.

Here are some pretty funny examples found around the United States with some pretty obvious mistakes.













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